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Hydrating Christmas Bundle

Hydrating Christmas Bundle

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The Cleanse, The tone & The moisturise. 

Fundamental Basics of a cleansing routine, this bundle is going to give your skin a good dose of hydration with every product application. This bundles aim is to lovely clean your skin, comfort your skin and make it feel comfortable and hydrated.

All products are suitable for sensitive and all skin types. 

This bundle includes:

Cleansing Foam Face Wash

Hydrating Toner

Moisturising Face Cream

FREE Beauty Pouch


Natural Ingredients

Skin Concern

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Why is a daily routine so Important?

Although you may not think it, your skin is an organ, much like your heart and kidneys are. In fact, it's the largest organ in your body.

Caring for your epidermis will help maintain all these functions and keep your body strong and protected from the outside. Without our skin, we simply could not survive.

What ever is going on from the inside, will most definatly show on the outside of the skin, and the face will show this the most. Keeping your skin used to a daily routine of organic and natural minerals and ingredients will keep it healthy, just like exercise can do on a daily basis for your body. Your skin needs the attention from you to keep it healthy and in shape.

This will help the skin stay hydrated, give it natural minerals to stay radiant and healthy looking. After all looking good on the outside makes us feel better on the inside. It gives us all a boost to our mental health, so if you look good, you feel good.

Let your skin be the best accessory you wear.