Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer

Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer

I don’t know about you, but for us the countdown to Summer is on! While we all want to look golden and glowing this Summer, it is important to always tan safely and sensibly. Spending extreme amounts of time exposed to the sun can be majorly harmful to your precious skin, so it is best to learn how to tan safely.


The importance of staying safe in the sun!

Sunburn – Not only can sunburn be painful, it can cause lasting skin damage and blistering

Premature signs of ageing – Sun damage can affect the collagen and elastin levels in the skin, these are two essential protein's that maintain it’s youthful, healthy appearance. Excess UV exposure can also speed up the signs of ageing, allowing wrinkles and sagging to appear prematurely.

Hyperpigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is often caused by too much time in the sun, as the skin naturally produces excess melanin to protect itself.

How To Tan Safely!

Your heart may desire a natural tan from the glorious sunny rays, however ensure you take these tips on how to tan safely:

Use a broad spectrum SPF (factor 30 or higher). SPF should be applied all year round to protect the skin from UV damage. Allow 15 minutes before heading outside to allow the sun cream to form a shield on the skin for maximum protection. Reapply throughout the day, as contact with sand, water, sweat and towels could cause the sun protection to be rubbed off.

Staying hydrated is particularly crucial in the summer. Not only will drinking water keep your body topped up with hydration, but it will also help calm the effects of sunburn, keep heat headaches at bay and give the skin a naturally radiant glow.

Our skin care range has a fantastic Tinted SPF30 for the face so there is no need for burnt noses and foreheads this summer. Its mineral based and super light and comfortable to wear without leaving the skin feeling clogged. Its works really well underneath our Luminous Foundations too so you can still do summer glam safely.

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