"While on Holiday in Croatia in May, I decided to put this product to the test, and I have to say I was super impressed.

My skin felt amazing and I was impressed with the water resistance while in the pool with my son. I was confident that my skin was being protected as well as keeping it hydrated and moisturised. This sunscreen is very rich and lovely to apply every day."

Our NEW Mineral SPF30 for face & Body, contains an important key ingredient,


Below is a list of benefits of zinc oxide:

  • Protecting the skin from sun damage.
  • Improves healing of the skin.
  • Building up collagen, leading to firmer, younger looking skin.
  • Acting as a protective layer to lock moisture in, while keeping pathogens out.
  • Helps with dark spots and Acne.
  • Reflects the suns rays away from the skin to help prevent burning and provides a barrier between the skin and the sun.

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How our Natural Anti-Age Skincare Works!

Your Questions Answered

Q. "I have noticed signs of ageing and I need to improve my skincare. What can I use?"

A. You need to look at the action of a product to see if it will deliver the results you need. Ingredients like hyaluronic Acid are fantastic for ironing out fine lines and improving overall hydration of the skin cells. Our Anti-Ageing Collection will be a perfect start for you.

Q. "I don't have any kind of cleansing Routine at the moment and I really don't know where to start."

A. Dont over complicate your routine when your just starting out. Start with three main products and build it up from there when you get used to using them daily. A wash, a toner & a moisturiser are your best starting point. These are the 3 main key products within any cleansing routine. You will find all products within each collection across the ah-mee:skin range depending on your skin type.

Q. "My teen is struggling with oil and pimples. What is the best way to tackle this issue?"

A. At this age, hormones are the common cause of skin issues, that and the fact they don't have a regular cleansing routine. Using products containing salicylic acid would be a great start, as this will help control the oil production and clear out the blocked pores. Using a moisturising cream with a mattifying action will also control the shine on a day-to-day basis. Have a look at our oily skin collection for products that will improve the skins appearance.

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