The Front Room Beauty & Skin Clinic

This is the home of ah-mee:skin HQ.

The place where all of my beauty experience and knowledge is given to customers on a face to face approach. My cabin is based at home, in my front garden. This beauty Cabin is my little piece of heaven, where I can run my businesses and also be close to my home and family, making my work life balance a lot less stressful.

I share all my skincare knowledge with my Beauty clients on a daily bases, and its also the place where they can collect their online orders and have beauty treatments including facials and skin analysis. All of my website orders are packed and dispatched from here too.

I now offer two ah-mee:skin Facials within the Salon. One if them is perfect for your teens or pre-teens who are suffering from breakouts and oily skin. During these 30minute facials, your teen will be show how to cleanse their face correctly, what order to apply the products and how regular they need to do it. This will give them one to one support on how to introduce the correct cleansing routine into their day and to help them manage problematic skin.

My Salon is based in Murton, County Durham and I have an online booking system, so if you live locally and wanted to book in my link is below:

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