Starting a New Skincare Routine

Not all of us know how to introduce our skin to a new skincare routine to improve things. Some of us are nervous about trying something new in case their skin worsens or breaks out.
This section is to give you simple advice on how to start and in what order to use your new skincare products. This is something I get asked a lot in my day-to-day role as a beautician.
Firstly, you need to know what your skin type is, all information on skin types is on my home page. Secondly you need to work out where you would like your skin to improve i.e. Over-all appearance, reduce oil, improve hydration or anti-ageing to name but a few.
So....You could start with a very BASIC skincare routine to see how you get on.
For example:
Step 1 - Cleanse - Removing all makeup, oil and dirt from the surface of the face, jawline and neck. You can do this with the Gentle Cleansing Wash or the Micellar Cleansing Water.
Step 2 - Tone - This will prepare the skin, give it a dose of hydration. It will remove any residues left behind from step 1, allowing the skin to absorb more moisture from further product application. You can use the Hydrating Toner.
Step 3 - Moisturise - Protecting the skin, your moisturiser will deliver the ingredients to the skin that it needs to improve overall comfort and improve the texture and full complexion, resulting in a healthy glow. This also creates the perfect surface to apply makeup. You can apply the moisturising Day Cream.
A more In depth skincare routine can look something like this where you are adding in more daily products morning and night: