About ah-mee:skin

What are we?

ah-mee:skin is a Natural brand of skincare that is formulated using natural ingredients to help improve your skins appearance and texture. This range is affordable and a pleasure to use on a daily basis, giving you visible results instantly. 

Who Are We?

My Name is Amie and I'm a trained & experienced Beauty Therapist with over 12years experience in the beauty and make-up industry. Skincare very quickly became a passion of mine through my time as a wedding make-up artist. I have my own beauty salon, where I cover all aspects of beauty including skin analysis and facials and I run both businesses side by side.

I lost my mam, my best friend and my hero, to cancer in 2018. During her treatment, it really hit home how important natural skincare ingredients are to reactive and sensitive skin types, which is the reason behind my brand starting. I wanted to make sure that my brand was comfortable and safe to use no matter what life throws at you. ah-mee:skin is suitable for everyone in the family to use including children. I have two Boys of my own, James & William, and we all use the products daily as part of our cleansing routine. Supporting your teenager by introducing them to a good cleansing routine from an early age is mega important and its going to really help them with managing their breakouts and maintaining their self confidence. 

What is in our Products?

Using around 600 different ingredients within the product formulations, around 95% are certified Natural, made with sustainable farming methods. Each ingredient and formulation is carefully tested and checked for several quality parameters. You won't be finding any artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulphates in our skincare products so you know your skin is in the best hands. All our products are vegan friendly to make sure that absolutely everyone can use them with confidence. 

How & Where are Our Products are Made.

The factory is ISO22716:2007 certified to ensure the highest production quality. Using stainless steel machinery from Switzerland which allows us to achieve luxury product textures and every process within the factory is designed to be friendly to nature - starting from the cleaning agents used to 100% renewable electricity to power the machines. Our Manufacturing company is based in Latvia and they have over 15years experience in the skincare industry.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and environment friendly and 88% of the total cardboard used was made of recycled materials.

All products correspond to EU Regulation. № 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

  • Cosmos Certified
  • Cruelty Free
  • ISO22716:2007 Certified
  • Ethically Made