Marine Plankton Extract

Marine Plankton Extract

Yet another remarkable natural product that helps to feed our skin. Marine Plankton Extract, is derived from marine plankton, those tiny organisms that float in the upper layers of the ocean. In the world of cosmetics, Plankton Extract is primarily used for its skin conditioning properties. Also known as Marine Bioactive extract!

What you NEED to know...

Marine Plankton Extract is Nutrient-Rich, therefore it’s packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that benefit the skin. This extract will provide Nourishment and Hydration and directly supplies nutrients to skin cells, supporting their natural functions. Marine Plankton Extract supports the Collagen in the skin by encouraging overall skin health, and it contributes to a healthy and glowing appearance.

The benefits of Marine Plankton Extract for dry skin is its nourishing properties, Plankton Extract’s gentle nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. For Normal and Combination Skin, it supports the health and appearance.

Where can I find it?

Marine Plankton Extract can be found in our NEWLY LAUNCHING Collage Anti-Age Night Cream. This product is going to be the twin sister to our BEST SELLING Anti-Age Day Cream. Their combined natural ingredients are going to be an absolute must for your daily skincare routine. By day your skin is going to be fed with Hyaluronic Acid and Altermonas Ferment Extract and by night your skin will be supported and Nourished with Marine Plankton Extract, cocoa & shea butters.



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