Why Did I start This Business?

Why Did I start This Business?

The Back story behind the brand.....

So...I will take a deep breath before I start, I still get very emotional about this.

July 2018, I lost my beautiful Mam, Val, my best ever friend in the whole world. She found out she had Cancer 16 months previous and we knew we had one hell of a fight on our hands.

Chemotherapy treatment was the first port of call and once she started it, the Cancer became visible to her and the rest of the family. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this, if you have watched a love one suffer or if you have been through the battle yourself.

The sickness, the tiredness, the thinning or loss of hair, the change in your skin and ultimately the change it has on your mind and your mental health.

Making my mam feel comfortable in her own skin was challenging, trying to find products to replace what she was currently using. Finding Products that didn't cause her any discomfort and that worked well on her skin and her body was not as easy as I first thought. She also became nervous to keep trying new brands in case they caused any irritation to her already delicate skin.

I had to make sure that ah-mee:skin was going to be safe to use during treatment and also after treatment has finished. I needed the products to be natural and free from sulphates and parabens. I wanted the products to be safe for everyone to use including children. I didn't want anyone to feel they couldn't use our products so I had to make sure they were vegan friendly too. 

Once I found the company that could manufacture these amazing products I then just had to think of a brand name. Something that tied both me and my mam together. That is where ah-mee:skin came from. My mam chose the French spelling of my name when I was born 'AMIE'. I then found the French pronunciation of that name 'ah-mee'. Amie has a meaning of 'Friend' so I felt that this all tied in perfectly together. I now still have a part of my mam running through the spine of my business. The 'we' in our company is me and her. Always together in mind and spirit.

I hope that she is proud of the legacy I have tired to create for the both of us, and that she is happy that I am making sure I can comfort others who have to suffer Cancer and the effects of the treatment by gently comforting their skin.


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