Facial Oil, Your Summer Essential.

Facial Oil, Your Summer Essential.

This Summer’s Travel Essential - Facial Oil

One of the hottest items within the skincare product market at the moment are facial oils.

I know a lot of you are curious about them and may never have used them before or even thought about adding them into your daily skin care routine. I think facial oils are an underrated skincare product and feel I that more people need to know about the benefits of using them, especially this time of year.

Historically facial oils have been used for centuries for applying moisture to the face by extracting the natural oils from berries, plants and seeds. This was way long before moisturisers came onto the skin care market.

Finding a Facial oil for you will depend heavily on what your skin type is and what your skin needs and lacks. Facial Oils are a great way of feeding the skin and giving drier types the love and care they need.

Also, seasonal changes to anyone’s skin can cause issues. Going from winter to summer weather and back again, can also cause the skin loose nourishment. Its our job to put that back.

During the easter break this year, I when on a trip to Turkey with my family and friends, I packed all of my skincare products and made a fundamental mistake…. FORGETTING to take my facial oil!!! I was devastated and so was my skin by the end of the week that’s for sure!

So, here’s the thing…. Air Con! We don’t use a lot of it here in the UK, apart from in our cars when we are melting in the summer or in shopping centres & office blocks. How ever when we go abroad, this is the one thing our skins are subject to almost from the moment we hit the tarmac on the runway to fly out of the county. Air con is super dehydrating for the skin, so being on a plane for hours, then arriving at an airport, to your transfer blasting the aircon then finally arriving at your hotel or resort……. For the next 7 days or more, your room or apartment is firing aircon into your room just to keep it a temperate we can all cope with. Like I say, we are brits and we just can’t cope with heat!! So, in all fairness, its no wonder our skin feels like a dried-up leather boot by the time we return, and all this is on top of the rays from the sun that we hammer while we are away. If….and only if, I had of remembered to take my facial oil with me, my skin would not have suffered anywhere near half as much as it would have had I been feeding it will 11 different natural oils twice daily!!There would not have been a rubber boot in sight.

Now try and tell me a good enough reason as to why you’re not going to make a facial oil top of your holiday cosmetics list of things to buy? I can categorically promise that you will thank me for this blog by the time you come back into the UK. Not only will you have a beautiful healthy summer glow by tanning safely, you will also have stunning nourished skin that glows.

The Nourishing Facial from oil from ah-mee:skin is a perfect size bottle to take with you on the plane in your hand luggage, a few drops from the pipette into your hands and straight onto your face while you’re on the plane will also get you in the summer mood. The smell alone from the Argan, Avocado and jojoba oils will give your senses a summer vibe instantly.


Enjoy your summer this year everyone…. You can all thank me later!

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